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Frequently Asked Questions

Wynne's Glass

  • No. Wynne uses industry standard glass. Replacement glass may be fabricated at hundreds of local glass shops nationwide.

  • No. You may choose the glass type and tint for each individual window.

  • Yes. Each customer may choose laminated safety, tempered safety, polycarbonate or acrylic.

  • No. The customer should choose the type and thickness of safety glass based on USCG regulations, ABS regulations and a careful study of the working environment for each window.

    • Laminated safety glass - Two lites of plate glass with a vinyl inner layer. (Modern american car windshield)
    • Tempered safety glass - One lite of plate glass that has been heat treated to add strength and safety qualities. (Modern american car side windows)
  • Advantages:

    • Generally remains in place when broken.
    • Less expensive.
    • Fast replacement when broken.


    • Relatively easy to break.
    • Graylite II not available.
  • Advantages:

    • Much greater impact resistance than laminated.
    • Availability of graylite II. (limo tint)


    • More expensive than laminated.
    • Shatters into small pieces when broken.
    • Longer lead time to replace when broken.

Clamp Rings

  • No. Each clamp ring extrusion is made to fit a specific bulkhead thickness.

  • 1/8” bulkhead.

  • 2 ½” bulkhead.

  • Yes, provided the largest and smallest size is within 3/16”of each other.

  • No. Clamp ring sizes can vary as bulkhead thicknesses vary.

  • No. The clamp ring may be deleted. The window can then be attached to the bulkhead with fasteners through the exterior window flange.


  • Yes.

  • Radius corners are stronger, less likely to leak, and less expensive.

  • No. Straight sides only. 3” radius or mitered corners.

  • 6 ¼” x 12”.

  • To date, the largest window is 60” x 168”.

  • Yes. Wynne can powder coat over the aluminum frames.

    Standard powder coat colors available are white and black. There is an upcharge for all power coated orders. For colors other than the 2 standard above, there will be an upcharge plus powder stocking fee. Call for details.

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