Order Info

Advance planning of your window requirements can expedite your ordering process. By answering the following questions for each window, you can save your valuable time.
  • What type of window is required? (Fixed, sliding, swing out, etc.)
  • What are the actual rough opening dimensions in your wall? (Height x width)
  • A template or a drawing may be required.
  • What type of glazing is required? (See glazing options)
  • How is the window to be mounted? (Clamp ring or flange bolted)
  • What is the wall thickness? (For clamp ring mounting)
  • Is a window screen required? (Sliding screen-Models 300 & 305; fixed screen-Models 205 & 310)
  • What frame finish is required? (Clear anodized, black flex-painted, white flex-painted, or custom powder coated)
  • Where will the window unit be mounted? (Left or right side; front or rear)
  • Is the window to have 3" radius corners or mitered corners?

Glazing Options

First, choose the type of glazing you require from the list below:
  • Laminated safety
  • Tempered safety
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
Second, choose the type of tint you require from the list below:

No Tint - Clear


Blue/Green Tint


Solar Bronze


Solar Gray


Graylite II

Fast Delivery

Each part of a Wynne Window has been designed for versatility; many window parts are interchangeable from one model to another. The Wynne plant is arranged to facilitate quick set-up times, thus reducing labor costs and reducing lead times. Wynne uses mass production techniques to build "one of a kind" windows. This insures superior quality fit and finish in each and every unit. No minimum order quantity is required. You buy only the number of windows necessary. No order is too large or too small.


Easy installation makes Wynne Windows a time saver. The installation is simple and fast. Windows have a two piece construction; the main frame retains the glass and the inner clamp ring secures to the main frame. The two part window is installed by inserting the main frame from the outside into proper bedding, and screwing the clamp ring to the main frame from the inside. This compresses the bulkhead between the inside and outside frames. Both frames are flanged, permitting rapid installation in fiberglass, wood or metal bulkheads. Window installation does not require bulkhead drilling. The inner clamp ring also serves as a trim ring available for bulkheads 1/8" thru 21/2" thick.