How to Make a Template: Here are the instructions for making a template for your new window. You may print this page.

STEP 1: Check rough opening radius. Radius must be 3" at cutout (use 6" diameter circle for gauge). 3 is the only radius size available and must measure 3 at cutout.  Note: mitered corners are available.

STEP 2: If rough openings are cut full size, hold heavy paper or cardboard over rough opening (foam board backer is helpful).

STEP 3: Trace rough opening onto template material using narrow line marker.

STEP 4: While material is over rough opening, mark the following on template:
                 1)  Inside or outside
                 2)  Top
                 3)  Forward (or window location)
                 4)  Wall thickness
                 5)  Customer name
*All ordering info needs to be complete.  Orders will     be delayed if incomplete information is submitted.

STEP 5: Package templates to send to Wynne. 
                 BE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON
                           YOUR PACKAGE.
Sending U.S. Mail:             Sending U.P.S. or Fed Ex
  Wynne Enterprises Inc.         Wynne Enterprises Inc.
   P.O. Box 445                      775 Mississippi Street
   Tuscumbia, AL 35674         Colbert Industrial Park
                                               Tuscumbia, AL 35674