To Order
1. Please print the instructions below.
2. Make sure ALL information is complete.
     Orders will be delayed if incomplete.
3. Call us at 256/383-5040

Wynne Enterprises, Inc.

775 Mississippi Street
Colbert Industrial Park
Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Phone  256/383-5040
Fax      256/383-5415

STEP 1: Decide which window model is required for each rough opening.

STEP 2: Determine the actual shape and dimensions of each rough opening.

STEP 3: If rough openings are true rectangles, with or without 3" radius, send Wynne sizes
                 (height x width).

STEP 4: If rough openings are NOT rectangles, make full size templates (click here for
                 Template Instructions) or make accurate drawings of rough openings.

STEP 5: Determine glazing requirements:
                 First, choose type of glazing from list below.
                 - Laminated Safety
                 - Tempered Safety
                 - Polycarbonate
                 - Acrylic

Second, choose the tint you require.

No Tint, Clear


Solar Bronze

Solar Gray

Graylite 14

STEP 6:  Determine overall wall thickness: Clamp rings are available for 1/8" thru 2 1/2" walls.
               (No clamp ring, flange bolted is available).
               *Note: window flange will overlap rough opening 5/8" all around both inside and

STEP 7: Determine window corners:  3" radius corners or mitered corners (no other radius                             corners available).

STEP 8: Specify where window will be mounted (left or right side, front or rear).

STEP 9: Check sliding window screen requirements:
                 Sliding Screens - Model 300
                 Fixed Non Removable Screens - Model 220
                 Fixed, Removable Screens - Model 310
                 No Screen - Model 310 and Model 210

STEP 10: Select frame finish: Clear anodized |  Black Flexpaint |  Custom Powdercoat (upcharge)

STEP 11: Select payment type:
                 Option 1 - Pay in full in advance by personal check or money order.
                 Option 2 - Pay 25% deposit, windows will be shipped C.O.D. for balance.
                 Option 3 - Credit card. Wynne accepts Visa or MasterCard.  Windows will be
                                 charged on shipping date.

STEP 12: Contact Wynne at:                     Address                              For UPS and FedX    
                 Phone 256-383-5040               Wynne Enterprises, Inc.      Wynne Enterprises, Inc.
                 Fax     256-383-5415               P.O. Box 445                     775 Mississippi Street
                 Email       Tuscumbia, AL 35674        Tuscumbia, AL 35674

STEP 13: Allow 3 weeks from order date for Wynne to ship most orders.  Windows are
                 shipped complete and fully assembled. Bedding compound not included.