Installation Instructions: Once you have received your new Wynne Window, follow these installation instructions.

STEP 1: Clean dust and oil from around rough opening.

STEP 2: Remove window from crate and position on a clean, non-abrasive surface. Position clamp ring facing up.

STEP 3: Remove all clamp ring screws (making an index mark on 2 piece clamp rings will help insure correct placement).

STEP 4: Wipe window flange with dry cloth to remove dust, then install bedding compound.

  For bedding compound use:
  1) Butyl rubber tape
  2) Double stick closed cell
       foam tape
  3) 100% silicone rubber
     (Do NOT use an adhesive)

STEP 5: Position window in rough opening from outside making sure of correct placement. All sliding windows must have drains toward bottom.

STEP 6: Re-install clamp ring on inside, taking care to use existing screw holes.
  Note:  When using silicone bedding, do not fully tighten clamp ring until silicone is dry. Over tightening when wet WILL cause leaks.

STEP 7: Remove excess bedding compound.

STEP 8: For acrylic or polycarbonate glazing only, remove protective masking immediately after installation.  Delay or exposure to sunlight (U.V. rays) will make masking removal difficult.